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That's where I come in

You see, just because your lab tests all came back “fine” doesn’t mean that you feel fine.

As someone who believes that medicine works best when you make people feel better, it never made sense to me why lab results should be the be-all, end-all in female health care. It also doesn’t make sense to tell someone who’s already tired and stressed to go change their lifestyle via exercise and diet before addressing the root causes of health issues.

If you’ve looked over your lab results with a dismissive “All normal” scrawled across the page by your doctor — yet you feel anything but — then you know what I’m talking about.

Or maybe you’ve walked away with a prescription for a hormone-filled pill, patch, or other supposed “solution” that never seemed to resolve your gut feeling that something isn’t quite right.

The question I always come back to is this: If female hormones are imbalanced, shouldn’t we just balance them instead of adding more to the mix?

As a licensed naturopathic doctor since 2013, I’ve dedicated my life’s work to answering this question and addressing female health conditions from the inside out. Ultimately, I teach females how to live a naturopathic lifestyle.

Since starting my practice in 2016, I’ve treated hundreds of females, with a special interest in fertility and balancing hormones and PMS (i.e., mood and pain) symptoms, including menopause, PCOS, and thyroid hormones. Currently, I own a private naturopathic practice at Healthy Families Wellness Centre, where I specialize in treating female health issues, promoting pregnancy wellness, cosmetic acupuncture, weight management, diabetes, mood disorders, and digestive complaints.

In addition to nine years of post-secondary education and two formal degrees earned at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine and the University of Manitoba, which prepared me to work deeply with herbal medicine, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, and hormonal therapy. While living in Winnipeg, I pursued my passion for yoga by earning my yoga teaching certification under the respected mentor Shauna Ellerby.

With all of my years of training and education — which ranks in the top 1% of wellness professionals worldwide — it’s my mission to blend science with ancient healing practices to provide the most effective, most bespoke treatment plans around. The goal is to understand how to use strategic herbal, nutritional and hands-on work to heal the body from the inside out.

In a world where self-care and rest can be a radical act, I’ve learned real life strategies to make lasting changes in my own mental and physical health. It turns out that sometimes a square of chocolate helps the medicine go down.

In my own free time, you might find me on outdoor adventures with my family, practicing yoga or reading about health and hormones.

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