The Essence of Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic medicine is a system of health care using natural therapies and methods to push your body’s ability to heal itself. Naturopathic doctors are trained in core clinical methods including botanical medicine, acupuncture and Asian medicine, homeopathy, injection, intravenous therapies, clinical nutrition and supplementation, as well as counseling and lifestyle coaching- all to help your body heal naturally.

Our medical philosophy is based on 6 principles:

  • First, do no harm
  • Treat the root cause of illness or disease
  • Treat the whole person
  • Use nature and your body’s capabilities to heal itself
  • Empower patients through education
  • Be proactive by emphasizing prevention

Our Guiding Principles

OHIP and What Is Covered

Naturopathic medicine is unfortunately not currently covered by standard health plans in Canada; however, most extended health care plans do cover visits to a naturopathic doctor. Call your insurance provider to find out more.

What’s In It For You

NDs are highly trained, compassionate health care providers who use holistic and natural methods to help you reach health goals. We have a refreshing understanding of how the body works and why illnesses happen. It’s a two way street so for all the talking we do, we listen when you have things to ask and say! We care about your physical, mental, and emotional well being. And if you have any health concern, we can treat it!

Work Benefits and Naturopathic Medicine

Yes, most extended health care plans cover naturopathic medicine! You can call your insurance provider to find out what’s covered in your plan, or call us at the clinic for more information, we’re glad to help!

Naturopathic Doctors and Specialization

Naturopathic doctors are highly trained and often have specific areas of focus. ‘Specialize’ and ‘specialty’ are terms reserved for medical doctors within specific fields, like family medicine or psychiatry. There currently aren’t any specialty-level education programs for naturopathic doctors, but many NDs take additional training in a specific focus after graduation.

Naturopathic Doctors and Prescribed Medications

In Ontario, British Columbia and some states in the USA, naturopathic doctors who have taken additional licensing exams are indeed able to prescribe certain medications. The common medications, like antibiotics, are within our scope, but federally controlled medications like narcotics, benzodiazepines, and chemotherapeutic agents are not.

Your First Appointment

In your first appointment, we’ll take a detailed look into your health history and ask about eating and sleeping habits, stress levels, and your mood. We might also order some diagnostic tests just to gain a better understanding on certain habits and conditions. It’ll be around an hour to an hour and a half long- you’ll be sure to find the appointment reassuring and even relieving! Finally, you can expect to meet someone who genuinely cares about you!

The Difference Between an ND and an MD

Naturopathic doctors and medical doctors receive similar levels of training in school. The main difference between the two systems of medicine is the way we think about things: conventional medicine often views symptoms as something to suppress, while we view symptoms as an expression of a deeper process.

Do naturopathic doctors do residencies?

At this time in the profession, residencies are fairly few and far between. Naturopathic doctors graduate with the training and skills necessary to work safely and effectively in general practice. Some NDs go on to one-year residencies where they hone their skills, and many start practice right away.

Do I need a referral to see an ND?

Not at all! We are primary care providers, so walk on in with any concern like you’re seeing your family doctor!

Doctor’s Notes

Writing a Doctor’s note depends on the institution’s preference. We often write letters to refer patients to a Physiotherapist and most insurance companies accept this.

What Is The Difference Between a Homeopath and a Naturopathic Doctor?

Homeopaths are trained in the prescribing of homeopathic remedies. Naturopathic Doctors may prescribe homeopathic remedies but they also have naturopathic medical training including use physical medicine, massage, cupping, hydrotherapy, clinical nutrition, supplementation, B12 injections, lifestyle modifications, Asian medicine, acupuncture, and botanical medicine. We’re like a one-stop shop!

Are Naturopathic Doctors Real Doctors?

As Naturopathic Doctors we are regulated by the province, and we assess and diagnose you as any medical doctor would however we treat you differently, using natural means. So yes, we are definitely real Doctors!

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