As a naturopathic doctor, we go through comprehensive medical training for four years on the modalities below. Find out more about each naturopathic modality to see how we can improve your health naturally.


Acupuncture is a safe and natural treatment that has been used for thousands of years to help people heal. Almost anyone can benefit from acupuncture as it can used to treat almost any condition!
Learn more about acupuncture.

Botanical & Herbal Medicine

Many well-known pharmaceutical drugs are derived from plants, and herbs can be very effective in treating many common conditions. We combine traditional knowledge with scientific studies for an evidence-based treatment.
Learn more about botanical & herbal medicine.

Cosmetic Acupunture

We use specialized needles to stimulate the nerves, which can soften wrinkles, reduce swelling and increase muscle tone as well as elasticity.  After several weeks of acupuncture you’ll look and feel more vibrant.
Learn more about cosmetic acupuncture.

Counselling & Lifestyle Coaching

There’s a reason why many patients feel so respected and understood in visits with naturopathic doctors! We not only receive extensive training in counselling, but lifestyle coaching as well!
Learn more about counselling & lifestyle coaching.


A detoxification cleanse, when done safely and under guidance, can be radically transformative for your health giving you more energy, increased focus, and even help you lose weight.
Learn more about detoxing.

Diet & Nutrition

There is so much information about what to eat that it can be confusing. Naturopaths  work with you to come up with a diet plan that makes you feel great, suits your lifestyle, and has your optimal health in mind.
Learn more about diet & nutrition.

Hormone Management

Your hormones all work together to keep you healthy and happy. There are complex pathways of hormones interacting with each other, and an imbalance in one hormone can lead to imbalances in others.
Learn more about natural hormone therapy.

Lab Testing

Naturopaths use unique lab tests to help us get a picture of what’s going on inside your body at a molecular level. We provide the standard tests that most medical doctors do, but we also offer tests that other health care providers don’t.
Learn more about how naturopathy uses lab testing.

Nutritional Supplementation

The best way to get the nutrition you need is through diet, and supplementation is an effective way. Sometimes your body needs help to absorb food properly or additional key nutrients in your diet.
Learn more about nutritional supplementation.

Pain Management

When pain sticks around longer than normal, it signals that there’s something wrong. Naturopaths help discover the cause of your pain, so you can make the changes you need to be pain-free for good.
Learn more about natural pain management.

Stress Management

There are times when stress levels can become too high for even the most easygoing of people to handle. Having effective tools for stress management can significantly improve the quality of your life.
Learn more about managing your stress management naturally.

Traditional Asian Medicine

Traditional medicine in China has been around for thousands of years. The most well-known method from is acupuncture, but there are other treatments available that can provide relief and rebalance your body.
Learn more about Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Weight Loss & Metabolic Balance

There are many things at play and weight loss can be a real challenge. Naturopathic doctors are trained in all areas of health to make a holistic weight loss plan that gets your pounds off and keeps them off.
Learn more about losing weight naturally.