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My in depth approach to regular, fertile cycles by targeting the metabolism and the ovaries.

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Wondering if you're in perimenopause? I can help de-mystify this tumultuous phase. learn about How we test and manage that unrelenting fatigue and get your moods and weight back on track.

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Weight Loss

Forget the Calories In - Calories out model of weight loss - it doesn't work! But you already knew that. I have an indepth, unconventional approach that works even when you've tried all the crazy diets.

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hello there,

I’m Kim.

I use naturopathic medicine to optimize female metabolic and hormonal balance for better energy, weight loss, mood, fertility and menopausal symptoms. 

As a licensed healthcare provider, I blend medical assessments with lifestyle, nutrition, herbal medicine, physical medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine. As an ND, my scope gives me a context for medicine unlike any other licensed practitioner.


What Is Causing Your Hormone Imbalance?

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Put an end to uncertainty and embark on your journey towards holistic healing today! Take our hormone quiz to uncover the underlying causes of your hormone imbalance.

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