Why Should I Visit a Naturopathic Doctor?

“My first visit with my naturopathic doctor was amazing! She spent a whole hour with me. I’ve never felt so listened to before.”

If You Have It, NDs Can Treat It!

Why Should I See an ND?

We try and make this statement the most said thing in our practice. People have often seen all kinds of doctors and other health care practitioners who spend as little as five minutes with them. When we’re with you, we aren’t anywhere else in the world. We give all the time we have to make sure we’ve got all the facts and know about every part of your health. We listen and make sure all your concerns are being met with top priority.

Naturopathic doctors are used to treating all of the most common conditions seen in practice and thrive when we’re treating less common conditions. Some of the most common things we treat are listed in our FAQs. If you don’t see the condition you’re looking for, we probably treat it and would love to bring you not only restored health but peace of mind. Call to ask us about it!

To become a naturopathic doctor, we have to enroll in a 4-year program at an accredited naturopathic medical school. You have to have a degree before you start, so every ND has had at least eight years of post-secondary education.

Naturopathic medical school involves thousands of classroom and clinical training hours, working with real patients, and one placement at least. Many people are surprised to hear that NDs take the same diagnostic, anatomical, and pathophysiological training as medical doctors. It’s safe to say, we’ve put in the time and money on our skills to make sure you get the most of out of them!

NDs are Highly Educated

Most extended health care plans cover visits with your naturopathic doctor. Coverage may vary depending on your insurance company, but you can call them to find out what your plan offers.Call our clinic and ask us so we can get excited together when you find out it is!

Naturopathic Medicine is Covered by Most Extended Healthcare Plans

Naturopathic patients often say they felt listened to for the first time. Health concerns are a sensitive thing to talk about, and there are a lot of emotions surrounding a diagnosis. We practice compassionate healing. We make sure you get to tell all sides of your story and ask you things you’ve probably never been asked before. Patients love their NDs!

NDs Listen

Naturopathic medicine is designed to use natural interventions when possible, gently invoking the body’s natural ability to heal itself so you won’t have to keep wondering about side-effects from conflicting medicines. You’ve got other things to worry about!

NDs can look at your diet and your lifestyle, removing things that are getting in the way of you being healthy. We might use herbal medicines, or supplemental vitamins and micronutrients to help your body’s cells get back in balance. We want you to be able to rely on your body, and each person is unique so we do what it takes to get you feeling better. Saying we care aren’t just words, it’s a passion.

NDs Use Natural Therapies

NDs care about our body- all of it. Which is why we want to know how you’re sleeping. It’s why we want to know how well you’re digesting food, how your relationships are, and what your stress levels are. We want to work with you and explore all areas of your health to offer you complete, comprehensive care.

If all that works for you, then we’d love to start helping. Naturopathic doctors love their jobs and their patients. Let’s start seeing more of each other and book an appointment today!

NDs Care About All Aspects of Your Health

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