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Naturopathic Support for a Healthy Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is the beginning of an ecstatic transition, leading to a rite of passage unlike any other. The joy of conception comes with a renewed responsibility for one’s health, and the information available can be overwhelming.

As a Naturopathic Doctor (ND) I spend countless hours helping women sort through these messages to determine what is important for that individual and why. During prenatal visits we assess health, establish nutritional strategies and plan for primary care and social support. These conversations help manage the anxiety that comes when a life-changing event is on the horizon.

Stress & Hormones

Pregnant women are often told to avoid stress, and most of them know this is easier said than done! From a holistic perspective, stress describes an imbalance in the way we respond to a physical state or external situation. The physical and hormonal changes occurring will alter mood, sleep, and energy levels, making it harder to manage stress. Prenatal visits with an ND examine the lifestyle habits to modify this response at the root. Women can be surprised to find that a nutrient is a simple answer to their anxious mood.

Food & Nutritional Supplements

All our metabolic functions are performed by nutrients, so even mild deficiencies make it harder for the body to remain relaxed. From a naturopathic perspective, nutrients are replenished by supplements and maintained by diet.
By working through each meal, we promote blood sugar and protein balance in the diet. Blood sugar is not only key to managing nausea in early pregnancy but helps prevent gestational diabetes. Proteins have a significant role in blood sugar balance, and optimal intake prevents serious complications like preeclampsia.

NDs can interpret all the routine bloodwork during pregnancy, allowing for individualized prenatal supplementation. I’m often asked about the optimal dosages for the growing baby when in fact the prenatal nutrition is for moms! Unborn babies will take everything it needs from its mother, and replenishing these nutrients ensures a more comfortable pregnancy and faster recovery after birth. When the nutritional stores are ideal, the body also responds quickly to other forms of therapy.

Acupuncture During Pregnancy

Acupuncture is a safe, effective way to manage uncomfortable symptoms like headaches, nausea, insomnia, and digestive complaints. This can be particularly useful if women discover that their go-to remedies are no longer safe.

In the third trimester, pre-birth acupuncture begins at 34 weeks and encourages the pelvic muscles to allow baby to descend towards the birth canal. Treatments can also prevent and turn babies in breech positions and to deal with late pregnancy pain. Acupuncture has been used historically during the last stages of pregnancy to induce labor and keep labor progressing until the baby is delivered. Experienced practitioners combine herbs with acupuncture to nourish the tissues that will be under strain during the last phases of gestation.

Herbal Medicine in Pregnancy

Herbal treatment requires careful selection and women should not self-prescribe herbs during pregnancy or lactation. There is a good reason for this, some herbs are not safe and may harm you and your unborn baby!

Historically, midwives and doctors used herbs safely during pregnancy to assist with symptoms and prepare the body for delivery. ‘Parturient’ herbs and nourish the uterus, placenta and pelvis for the action of labor and childbirth. Since so many of the reproductive tissues are active during this phase, it helps the body’s rhythms adjust to lactation, or what is sometimes referred to as ‘the fourth trimester’.

NDs are highly trained in both conventional pharmaceutical treatments as well as botanical medicine. This skillset allows us to compare the risks associated with either treatment and assess interactions where treatments are combined. Safe herbal treatments are particularly useful where minor illnesses like colds or allergies occur in those who are hoping to avoid pharmaceutical or antibiotic management.

When combined with proper prenatal care, acupuncture and herbal medicine can keep energy levels stable throughout pregnancy so that moms-to-be can maintain an exercise routine and reap the benefits of physical activity.

Fitness During Pregnancy

Since most pregnant women are dealing with fatigue, it might be comforting to know that vigorous activities are not ideal. There are benefits to low impact cardiovascular fitness, some core strengthening, and stretching.

Swimming brings the heart rate up, and the buoyancy eases the discomfort of carrying extra weight. I can help you decide if this is well suited for you since some thyroid conditions require limits on chlorine exposure.

Yoga is also ideal as a low impact activity that trains the core while opening the hips to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Classes for pregnant women work on the deep abdominal muscles, low back and hip areas. This makes it easier to engage the pelvic floor (the muscles that support the reproductive and urinary organs). When they are strong, the body can moderate the new weight of a baby.

Every person and every pregnancy is different. It takes the right kind of program to support each soon-to-be mom to ensure her and the baby stay healthy during the pregnancy and well afterward too.

If you’re pregnant, feel free to come in for an appointment so we can get you the specialized care that you need in one of the most important stages of your life. First-time patients get a free, 15-minute consultation!

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